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Switching Apple IDs on your iPhone or iPad is not as difficult, as it is made out to be. Well, you must be having your own reasons, when it comes to switching the IDs. Remember, it is the sole Apple ID that connects to the entire ecosystem that includes iTunes store, Apple Music, apps on your device, ebooks and most important of all, iCloud drive.

However, there comes a time, when you might want to switch the Apple IDs on your iPhone or iPad. You must be having your own personal reasons for doing the same. What really matters is whether you are familiar with the whole procedure or not.


What must you keep in mind?

While signing into a different Apple ID, you are allowed to merge the content on your iPhone or iPad with the iCloud data., which is normally linked to your other Apple ID.

In case, you have signed out of the work-related Apple ID and you do want to keep your work contacts on the device, then you can probably save them into the iPhone and merge them, once you have signed in, using your very own personal Apple ID.

If you are not in a position to decipher the steps and need some expert advice, just feel free to dial the Apple technical help number.

Actual Procedure to Switch Apple ID on iPhone or iPad

Sign-out from your current Apple ID

  • From your iPhone or iPad, launch the Settings app.

  • Tap on the Apple ID banner.

  • Scroll down to the bottom and sign-out.

  • Tap on Sign out of iCloud, in case you have different accounts for iCloud and app store.

  • Type in the password associated with the Apple ID.

  • Tap on the option Turn Off.

  • To save the data stored on your iPhone, make sure to Turn On category.

  • Tap Sign Out.

  • You have to confirm that you are signing out, for which it is compulsory to tap Sign Out again.

For those who are experiencing a few problems, while trying to sing out, it makes sense then to contact the Apple help support team.

Signing -in using a different Apple ID

  • Start by launching the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Now, tap on the option Sign into your iPhone ( iPad).

  • You have to provide the email address associated with the Apple ID. Tap Email.

  • Enter the desired password.

  • Tap on the option Merge, which then enables you to sync the data on your iPhone with that of the iCloud account, linked to the different Apple ID.

  • Follow the instructions and you are done.


It is unlikely that you confront any major obstacle while switching Apple IDs on iPhone or iPad. However, you can never be sure. If you do want more help, try approaching the experts using the Apple contact number